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California Law Revision Commission

-- Last revised 5/25/23 --

June 22, 2023 Meeting - Agenda
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The next meeting of the Commission is scheduled for:

June 22, 2023 -- 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Zoom Teleconference

Meeting Information

Pursuant to Government Code Section 11133 (added by 2022 Cal. Stat. ch. 48 (SB 189), § 20, on June 30, 2022), this meeting will be conducted entirely by Zoom teleconferencing. Members of the public may participate by joining the meeting, using the webinar registration link below.
  • Register in advance for this webinar: CLICK HERE.

Members of the public who participate in the webinar will be able to see and hear the entirety of the meeting, but will have their microphones and video feeds muted until they are recognized by the Chair. If you wish to be recognized, you should "raise your hand" and wait to be called on. If you are participating in the video conference, the Zoom software will provide a button you can click to raise your hand. If you have called in by telephone, you can raise your hand by dialing "*9".

The meeting will be recorded and will be uploaded to the Commission’s YouTube page, after the meeting has concluded.

Disability: The meeting is accessible to persons with physical disabilities. A person who needs a disability-related accommodation or modification in order to participate in the meeting should contact Debora Larrabee, as indicated below.

Contact Information: For further information about the meeting, to request the accommodation of a disability, or to request notification of any schedule changes, contact Debora Larrabee at 530-752-3620 or

June 22, 2023 ~~ 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

  1. ◄◄ SPECIAL ORDER: 8:30 a.m. ►► Antitrust Law [Study B-750]

    European Union Competition Law, Professor Alison Jones

    Status Report
    Memorandum 2023-29 (BH) (to be sent)

  2. Minutes
    Minutes of May 18, 2023 Meeting (Draft)
    Memorandum 2023-30 (BH) (5/25/23)
         Download PDF file: Memo

  3. Administrative Matters

    Report of Executive Director
    Oral Report. May include budget, personnel, contract, meeting schedule, attendance, or other current agency administrative matters.

    Commissioner Suggestions
    Oral Discussion. May include proposals for new study topics, discussion of Commission procedures, or other general matters.

  4. 2023 Legislative Program

    Status Report
    Memorandum 2023-31 (BH) (to be sent)

  5. ◄◄ SPECIAL ORDER OF BUSINESS: 10:30 a.m. ►► Recodification of Toxic Substances Statutes [Study E-200]

    NOTE: ASL translation will be provided for this topic.

    Cumulative Draft of Material Previously Reviewed
    Memorandum 2023-32 (SC) (to be sent)

    Chapter 6.5 – Next Portion of Part 1
    Memorandum 2023-33 (SC) (to be sent)

  6. Equal Rights Amendment [Study I-100]

    Additional Discussion of Potential Constitutional Conflicts
    Memorandum 2023-34 (KB) (to be sent)

  7. Closed Session
    The Commission will meet in closed executive session, to discuss a personnel matter (pursuant to Government Code § 11126).