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California Law Revision Commission
Commission Process

Handbook of Practices and Procedures

    The Commission maintains a Handbook of its practices and procedures. It can be found here.

Commission Meetings

    The Commission holds public meetings several times a year. The time and location of meetings are announced in advance and members of the public are encouraged to attend. See the current agenda for the time and location of the Commission's next meeting. The agenda also indicates what subjects will be considered at the meeting, and provides links to download related materials.

Background Studies

    The Commission's work on a study often begins with the preparation of a background study. The background study may be prepared by a member of the Commission's staff or by a specialist in the field who is retained as a consultant. From time to time, expert consultants are also retained to advise the Commission at meetings.

Staff Memoranda

    As a study progresses, the Commission's staff will prepare various memoranda for the Commission's consideration. These memoranda may include: discussion of issues, results of staff research, analysis of public comments, and draft legislation. Staff memoranda typically serve as a starting point for Commission deliberations.

Tentative Recommendation

    After making its preliminary decisions on a subject, the Commission ordinarily distributes a tentative recommendation to interested persons and organizations, including the State Bar, local and specialized bar associations, public interest organizations, and business and professional associations. Notice of the availability of the tentative recommendation is mailed to interested persons on the Commission's mailing list and publicized in legal newspapers and other relevant publications.

Final Recommendation

    After considering any comments on its tentative recommendation, the Commission will determine what recommendation, if any, it will make to the Legislature. When the Commission has reached a conclusion on the matter, its recommendation to the Legislature (including a draft of any legislation necessary to effectuate its recommendation) is published and distributed in printed form and electronically on the Commission's website.