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California Law Revision Commission


Tribal Consultation Policy

     Consistent with Executive Order B-10-11, the Commission shall take all practicable steps to encourage early and frequent communication and consultation with California Native American Tribes, including all of the following:

 (1) Before the Commission begins a new study, it shall send notice to Tribes explaining the scope and nature of the study, inviting consultation regarding the study, and offering to add Tribes to the distribution list for materials prepared as part of the study. This notice shall be sent by the Commission’s Chair or Executive Director.

 (2) If an official of a Tribe wishes to address the Commission at one of its public meetings, the Commission shall set aside time for that purpose.

 (3) The Executive Director shall be available for consultation with representatives of Tribes on their request.

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    In addition to the general consultation policy described above, the Commission maintains a mailing list that is used to send email notices whenever material relevant to Tribes is uploaded to this website. If you would like to be added to that list, please subscribe by entering your email address and clicking the "submit" button below:


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