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California Law Revision Commission

-- Last revised 6/20/14 --

Statutory Clarification and Simplification of CID Law - Study H-855

    As part of its larger study of common interest development ("CID") law, the Commission is developing a proposal to reorganize and clarify the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act. The recodification will be largely nonsubstantive. Substantive improvements will be included only where they are noncontroversial.
    The Commission approved a recommendation in 2007. Implementing legislation was introduced in 2008. In response to concerns raised in the Legislature, the implementing legislation and recommendation were withdrawn. The Commission prepared a revised recommendation, which was introduced in the Legislature in 2011 and enacted in 2012. See 2012 Cal. Stat. ch. 180; 2012 Cal. Stat. ch. 181. The Commission then prepared a clean-up recommendation, to address minor technical issues in the 2012 legislation. It is expected to be introduced in 2013. Materials relating to this topic are collected below.
    Materials relating to other CID-related subtopics are cataloged separately on the CID Homepage.
    If you have questions or comments on this study, send an e-mail to Brian Hebert at

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