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California Law Revision Commission

-- Last revised 2/4/14 --

November 18, 2005 Meeting - Agenda
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November 18, 2005 (Friday) -- 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Elihu M. Harris State Office Building
1515 Clay Street, Room 12

Friday, November 18 -- 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

  1. Minutes of September 30, 2005, Meeting (10/17/05)
          Download PDF file: Minutes

  2. Administrative Matters

    2005-2006 Annual Report
    Memorandum 2005-39 (BH) (10/21/05)
          Download PDF file: Memo
    First Supplement to Memorandum 2005-39 (SC) (10/27/05)
          Download PDF file: Memo

    Report of Executive Secretary
    Oral Report. May include budget, personnel, contract, meeting schedule, attendance, or other current agency administrative matters.

  3. Technical and Minor Substantive Statutory Corrections [Study J-1322]

    Discussion of Issues
    Memorandum 2005-40 (SC) (11/4/05)
          Download PDF file: Memo

  4. Jurisdictional Limits of Small Claims and Limited Civil Cases [Study J-1321]

    Staff Report
    Memorandum 2005-41 (BG) (11/4/05)
          Download PDF file: Memo

  5. Equitable Relief in a Limited Civil Case [Study J-1323]

    Comments on Tentative Recommendation
    Memorandum 2005-35 (NS) (9/9/05)
          Download PDF file: Memo
    Tentative Recommendation

  6. Mechanics Lien Law [Study H-821]

    Public Work Remedies
    Memorandum 2005-43 (NS) (10/31/05)
          Download PDF file: Memo

  7. Enforcement of Money Judgment Under Family Code [Study F-1301]

    Draft of Recommendation
    Memorandum 2005-45 BH (11/9/05)
          Download PDF file: Memo

  8. Beneficiary Deeds [Study L-3032]

    Scope of Study
    Memorandum 2005-46 (NS) (11/3/05)
          Download PDF file: Memo

  9. Revision of No Contest Clause Statute [Study L-637]

    Scope of Study
    Memorandum 2005-47 (NS) (11/4/05)
          Download PDF file: Memo