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California Law Revision Commission

-- Last revised 12/22/22 --

How To Obtain Printed Publications

Printed Commission publications may be obtained from:

California Law Revision Commission
400 Mrak Hall Drive
Davis, CA 95616
Payment in advance is generally required for publications that are available only by purchase. Checks or money orders should be made payable to the:

California Law Revision Commission

You may use the links below for the latest bound volume order forms. For any other bound volume, please contact us for availability.

BV 47 - 2020

BV 46 - 2019

BV 45 - 2017-2018

BV 44 - 2014-2016


The price of all bound volumes is now $75.

The price is based on the physical volume, not the volume number -- thus, the combined Volume 21-22 is priced at $75.

California residents must add sales tax.

Printed reports in pamphlet form are usually available on request -- the first copy is free and additional copies are available for the price indicated below. On occasion, special reports may be available only for purchase, such as where we need to cover costs of producing a particular publication.

Where applicable, the prices of Commission pamphlets are determined by the number of pages, unless a special price has been set:

10 or fewer pages: $5.50
11-50 pages: $8.50
51-100 pages: $18.00
101 or more pages: $25.00
Whether a charge will be imposed and the amount of the charge are subject to change without notice. When a charge is imposed, special discounts may be available for large orders.

Ordering Electronic Documents

The Law Revision Commission provides free public access to its most recent reports and memoranda on this website. Electronic versions of older materials are available on request, and will be provided by the following methods:

  1. If the total volume of requested materials is minimal, we will attempt to email the requested files.

  2. If email delivery is impractical, but the total volume of requested material is 10 megabytes or less in size, the requested files will be posted temporarily to this website, for downloading.

  3. If the total volume of requested material exceeds 10 megabytes in size, the files will be provided on compact disk. In order to recover the direct costs of reproducing files on compact disk, the Commission will charge a fee of $5 per 100 megabytes copied (or fraction thereof). The cost of disks ($1 each), shipping, and packaging will also be charged to the recipient.

To request files that are not on this website, send email to: You must provide citations to the specific documents requested. We do not have sufficient staff resources to research the topic of interest and determine which documents might be relevant.