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California Law Revision Commission

-- Last revised 10/27/17 --

Trial Court Unification: Publication of Legal Notice - Study J-1314

    In preparing its recommendation on Trial Court Unification: Revision of Codes, the Commission compiled a list of "Issues in Judicial Administration Appropriate for Future Study." The Legislature subsequently authorized the Commission to study those issues. See 1998 Cal. Stat. ch. 931, § 257 (Gov't Code § 70219).

    This study addresses "[p]ublication of legal notice in a county with a unified superior court." See 28 Cal. L. Revision Comm'n Reports 51, 86 (1998). The Legislature preserved the former municipal court districts for purposes of publication, as the Commission proposed in its recommendation. See 1998 Cal. Stat. ch. 931, § 263. However, the Commission noted that this resolution "may be unsatisfactory in the long-term because it would not account for changing demographics." See 28 Cal. L. Revision Comm'n Reports at 72, 86. The Commission is studying this issue to determine whether the initial resolution is adequate or needs to be modified.

    If you have questions or comments on this study, please send an email to Kristin Burford at

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