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Committee on Revision of the Penal Code

-- Last revised 10/10/22 --

Meeting of the Committee on Revision of the Penal Code

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October 11 & 12, 2022
Video Conferencing

October 11, 2022 -- 9:30am

  1. Bail, Pretrial Release, and Other Related Matters

    Overview and Panelist Materials
    Memorandum 2022-10 (10/5/22)
         Download PDF file: Memo
    First Supplement to Memorandum 2022-10 (10/7/22)
          Download PDF file: Memo

  2. Presentation by Michelle Parris, Program Director, Vera Institute of Justice

  3. Discussion Panel 1: Perspectives from State Supreme Courts

    • Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean and Jesse H. Choper Distinguished Professor of Law, Berkeley Law School

    • Chief Justice Stuart Rabner, New Jersey Supreme Court

  4. Presentation by Professor Sandra Susan Smith, Daniel & Florence Guggenheim Professor of Criminal Justice, Harvard Kennedy School and Director, Malcolm Wiener Center for Social Policy

  5. Presentation by Kendra Zoller, Deputy Legislative Director, and Andrew Gulcher, Regional Supervising Investigator, California Department of Insurance

  6. Discussion Panel 2: Data Overview

    • Stephanie Campos-Bui, Deputy Director, Policy Advocacy Clinic, Berkeley Law School

    • Irene Vidyanti, Principal Analyst, Los Angeles County Office of the CIO

    • Kate Weisburd, Associate Professor of Law, The George Washington University Law School

  7. Presentation by Kendra Zoller, Deputy Legislative Director, California Department of Insurance

  8. Discussion Panel 3: Perspectives from the Bench

    • Hon. J. Richard Couzens (Ret.)

    • Hon. Lisa Rodriguez, San Diego County Superior Court

    • Hon. Brett Alldredge, Tulare County Superior Court

    • Hon. George Eskin (Ret.)

  9. Presentation by Sue Burrell, Policy Director Emeritus, Pacific Juvenile Defender Center

  10. Discussion Panel 4: Perspectives from Practitioners

    • Ryan Couzens, Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney, Yolo County

    • Tiffanie Synnott, Supervising Public Defender, Sacramento County

    • Bill Armstrong, President, California Bail Agents Association

    • Jeff Clayton, Executive Director, American Bail Coalition

    • Gina Clayton, Executive Director, Essie Justice Group

    • Chief Probation Officer David Koch, Sonoma County

  11. Discussion Panel 5: Insights from Other Jurisdictions

    • Insha Rahman, Vice President, Advocacy and Partnerships, Vera Institute of Justice

    • Alison Shames, Director, Center for Effective Public Policy

    • Matt Alsdorf, Associate Director, Center for Effective Public Policy

October 12, 2022 -- 10:00am

  1. Administrative Matters

    Report of the Chair

    Draft Minutes of September 2022 Meeting
    Memorandum 2022-11 (10/5/22)
         Download PDF file: Memo

  2. New Business

    The Committee will consider matters presented earlier in the meeting.

  3. Ongoing Business

    Updates on Ongoing Business
    Memorandum 2022-12 (10/5/22)
         Download PDF file: Memo

    Possible Proposals for 2022 Annual Report
    Memorandum 2022-13 (10/7/22)
         Download PDF file: Memo

  4. General Public Comment

    The public may address the Committee. The Chair may set reasonable limits on the time allowed for each person or group to speak.